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Kappy and Berra in: Bad Influence by Connan-Bell
What stands out about this piece is the perspective. It's a difficult one but you did it really well, especially when you see the angling of Berra's vehicle. Yes, I saw the self-contradicting apple sign ;)The picture is dynamic and conveys mischief-- overall a fun piece. Your line work is very good with varying levels of line thickness. Little details like the lights on the ceiling and the various grocery products make the piece look polished. And for some reason, I like the little lobster thing that Kappy seems to have kidnapped.

To add extra pop to the picture, try toggling your contrasts. Without contrasts, the multiple colors happening in this picture seem washed out. Be careful of putting a blue character next to blue things in the background, as it de-emphasizes the weirdness of a blue franken-child being in a grocery store!

While the vast majority of your picture demonstrates your artistic growth, the characters' faces do not seem to have changed much throughout your pieces. Study facial structure carefully so that you can distort it well. Kappy's right eye, for example, has a sort of open-parenthesis shape that makes the structure look . A quick study in facial structures can help you figure out where best to put such lines. In addition, although their eyes are meant to be yellow, using only one color makes their faces seem basic and detracts from all the other sophisticated artistic choices you made for this piece.

Finally, I've seen mischievous looks on these characters' phases, but try exploring other facial expressions too. This can help you make the characters a little more accessible to the audience. They'll be able to connect to these playful, carefree characters more readily if they show a greater range of emotion.

Despite all my suggestions, this piece is very good and you should be proud of the progress you have made. These characters are slowly evolving from what looked like notebook doodles to characters that could almost interact with the people watching them. Good job, CB!
Growth and Change by TiffanyDulamal
Growth and Change
Did a quick pic of Tsumina Saritoko, a character from my webcomic. I love doing this meme!
On the Wings of Sunset by TiffanyDulamal
On the Wings of Sunset
Esper racing the sunset home. Enjoyed playing with light, but I know I've got a long way to go.

Drew this while listening to a song by Evening Star called "Friendship is Magic- Orchestral Arrangement" (…). I definitely recommend it for inspiring music!
Mentor by TiffanyDulamal
I went to visit my social work mentor today. She is the most amazing nun I've ever met. I had been suffering from what is called "compassion fatigue", which is pretty much when someone is tuckered out from being compassionate towards clients all the time. She laughed with me, told me she felt the same way sometimes, then stoked my fire to keep reaching for my dreams and helping people. Thank you, Sister Pat! <3 <3
I wanted to share a happy story of cuteness.

My mom came to visit me this past weekend. Upon opening the front door to go to church, we discovered that a very small tabby kitten was sitting there. She walked right in without hesitation. Without any thought of rabies or fleas, I scooped her up. She was a silver/gray tabby with white paws and the most beautiful wide eyes. She immediately began purring, snuggling under my chin, and cuddling close. My mom and I looked at each other, completely confused. I called the apartment leasing office and let them know that we had found a kitten. I left my phone and apartment number, but never heard back.

In the meantime, my mom and I did our best to figure out how to take care of a tiny kitten. We did not want to release back outside because temperatures are dropping at night, and we didn't want the kitty to freeze. We bought a cheap aluminum casserole tin and filled it with kitty litter. We bought two cans of Fancy Feast. We were fascinated that the kitten knew automatically how to use the litter box. She was extremely playful and comfortable around us, exploring every inch of my bedroom and jumping on every piece of furniture. She chased the ball of yarn I gave her and crawled up on our shoulders like a parrot.

I wanted to keep her, I really did. And I  But I currently have no income and didn't want to ask my parents to pay all those vet bills. I brought her to the Humane Society to figure out how to handle the situation. I pointed out a tiny, blue T that was tattooed on her belly and asked if that was from a past surgery. The lady at the Humane Society recognized it as a spay/neuter mark given to animals who were fixed at the Humane Society. She scanned the kitten and found that she had actually been microchipped not ten days prior!

Kitty had a home! It was a relief to know that she had a rightful owner and that I would neither have to foster her nor give her up for adoption. All the same, I miss that little cutie and I think that one day I might get one of my own :)
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